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African Cabotage conference 2023

African Cabotage conference 2023

Today PS Geoffrey Kaituko officially opened the African Cabotage Conference and Blue Economy conference in Mombasa whose theme was unlocking the AfCTA potential by rethinking Maritime Cabotage and Blue Economy for improved connectivity.

In his remarks he noted that to truly harness the full potential of maritime and blue economy sector, institutions must undergo a paradigm shift and implement measures to enhance the appeal of Ship Registers. These include favorable taxation policies, a streamlined ship registration process, competitive registration fees, and unfettered access to essential services for ship repairs, maintenance, and surveying. Additionally, facilitating access to ship financing and insurance is also paramount.

The PS advocated for deep respect for the natural world, an unwavering dedication to preserving its beauty and commitment to climate change mitigation. 

He urged stakeholders to explore means of developing sustainable shipping practices that minimize our environmental footprint.

He also championed for women and youth inclusion in the sector as their inclusion not only enriches the collective expertise but also empowers future generations to steer Africa towards even greater heights.

He assured his full commitment to this continental ideal as captured in the African Integrated Maritime Strategy (AIMS), 2050.

Kenya Maritime Authority Kenya Ports Authority 

International Maritime Organization - IMO 

Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa