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Our Mandate

Mandate & Functions

Our Mandate

  • Promotion of Maritime and Shipping Industry
  • Maritime Transport management
  • Ship Registration in Kenya
  • Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Establishment of effective and Admiralty Jurisdiction
  • Development of a Central Data and Information centre
  • Human Resource Development, Management and Research in support of Kenya's Shipping Industry
  • Monitoring and advising on usage of Kenya’s Exclusive Economic Zone in collaboration with other actors
  • Development of a Central Data and Information Centre
  • Co-ordinating Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management;
  • Protection and Regulation of Marine Ecosystems;
  • Develop national capacity for Kenya’s maritime sector;
  • Promote and facilitate placement of Kenyans in the global maritime labour market;
  • Protection of the Marine Resources in EEZ;
  • Monitoring and Advising on Usage of Kenya's Exclusive Economic Zone;
  • Ocean Governance and marine management
  • Government Clearing and Forwarding Services

Our Functions

i. Formulation of shipping and maritime policies and legislation so as to ensure: Safety of life and ships at sea and at inland waters;

  • Prevention of marine pollution;
  • Promotion of Ship and Port Facility Security;
  • Facilitation of international maritime traffic;
  • Suppression of unlawful acts like piracy against ports serving international traffic;
  • To empower local ports and ship related operators to adequately participate in commercial shipping;
  • Regulation of commercial shipping sector having regard to standards, quality, cost and distribution of services;
  • Promotion of maritime education and training;
  • Regulation of coastal and inland water ways;
  • Ensure policies are harmonized with International maritime policies and conventions/instruments.

ii. Coordinate and monitor development projects relating to ports, ferries and others in line with vision 2030 and the ‘Big Four Initiatives’ on safety, security and environment;

iii. To study, review and advise on drafting of laws relating to ports and shipping and to ratify maritime conventions;

iv. To coordinate International, regional, bilateral shipping transport and maritime Agreements (IMO,ISCOS,IORA, IOMOU on port state control) amongst others; and

v. To co-ordinate inter-ministerial and agency meetings to ensure required relevant policies are developed and harmonized.