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  • State Department for Shipping and Maritime Affairs
  • StateDepartment for Shipping and Maritime Affairs
    Kisumu Shipyard
  • Offshore wind generation
  • Flaging Off Seafarers

About Us

The State Department for Shipping and Maritime Affairs is mandated to promote the maritime and shipping industry in Kenya.

In order to continuously focus in its defined areas of operations, the State Department works within the government operational frameworks while at the same time interfacing with the numerous key role-players that are responsible for different aspects of operations, management, and policy formulation.

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Upcoming Events

  • International Day for Women in Maritme-18th May 2023
  • Day of the Seafarer  -25th June 2023
  • 129th Session of the IMO Council- 17th -21st July 2023
  • IMO Council Secretary General Elections -18th July 2023
  • MARPOL at 50 (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships)- 28th Sept 2023
  • IMO Council Membership Candidature Elections- December 2023.