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State to enhance Maritime safety through an information sharing platform

State to enhance Maritime safety through an information sharing platform

State to enhance Maritime safety through an information sharing platform

Kenya as a steering committee member and strategic partner for the EU/CRIMARIO II (European Union/Critical Maritime Routes Indo-Pacific) project in the Western Indian Ocean region is aiming at using a satellite based (Indo Pacific Regional Information Sharing) IORIS platform to facilitate coordination and exchange of information for effective response to maritime security threats and support sustainable fisheries in the region.

Representing Kenya and speaking during the 2nd steering committee meeting, the Principal Secretary State Department for Shipping and Maritime Affairs Geoffrey Kaituko lauded the adoption of the platform whose role is to enhances day-to-day information sharing; and strengthening the coordination and monitoring of maritime safety and security operations, amongst civilian agencies and/or military users.

“The platform is a maritime information sharing tool that enables coordination and communications via a secure encrypted online environment providing maritime centres

 providing maritime centres, organisations and agencies with a means to analyse, plan and coordinate maritime operations from the Western Indian Ocean, through Asia and Southeast Asia and across the Pacific Ocean to Latin America, “he stated.

He also noted that the platform will be able to enhance information exchange and analysis, and crisis/incident management; while strengthening inter-agency cooperation in maritime surveillance, policing, investigation and judicial matters.

“IORIS will provide users with the unique capability to exchange operational information on a diverse range of maritime threats, in real-time and will connect domestic and international stakeholders to address the evolving challenges manifesting within the maritime domain, “he noted.

“Kenya remains firmly committed to the objectives of CRIMARIO II project, and looks forward to continued engagement on the implementation of the outcome of this meeting and avail our commitment to strengthening our regional efforts to address our common challenges and seek shared prosperity. ”


The meeting brought together over 60 government agencies from the INDO-PACIFIC region and was co-chaired by CRIMARIO and the Sri-Lanka Navy. It served as another milestone for the governance of the platform which is supposed to endorse, amongst others, legal documents consolidating the governance structure and establishing rules for the information sharing.

Kenya’s presence in the Committee is critical in enhancing maritime security along the coast and on its waters all together.